Policy Advocacy

     Since 2011, we’ve elevated the voice, power, and leadership of those directly impacted by incarceration. We know that through transformative healing and personal growth, every young person can be an active force of positive efforts in their community.

     Born out of the gang injunction organizing in Oakland, CURYJ formed to defeat racist police practices and the lack of community services and alternatives to incarceration in Oakland.

Vision: To redefine and reimagine public safety in Alameda County

Alameda County Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

  • CURYJ is a co-convener of the coalition, which builds the leadership of under-represented constituencies in the county’s realignment planning process and advancing community-based alternatives that expand opportunities for these constituencies in setting priorities for how realignment dollars are spent.
  • Realignment legislation comes from Assembly Bill 109 and has decentralized decision-making about criminal justice spending from the state to the county level due to the human rights violations that stem from overcrowding within the California Department of Corrections.
  • CURYJ works with the Bay Area Dignity in Schools Campaign to address institutional racism within various school districts that leads to the increased criminalization of youth of color and the school to prison pipeline.

Justice Reinvestment Coalition

  • CURYJ is a founding organization of what is now the Justice Reinvestment Coalition (Previously known as Alameda County Community Criminal Justice Reform which merged with the Local Prop 47 table)
  • CURYJ has played a role in 1400 jobs campaign in Alameda County
  • CURYJ advocates for a reduction in probation terms in Alameda county from 5 years to as low as 1 year
  • CURYJ has collaborated with Street Level Health on community record clearance clinics for non-citizens

Policy for Oakland Public Land

  • Citywide Displacement Network that was contacted by city officials to help develop policy for public land (e 12th street parcel)
  • Advocates for removing barriers to employment and housing for the formerly incarcerated and undocumented community, and anything that involves public land  for public use.

Port of Oakland

  • CURYJ is a part of the Revive Oakland Coalition
  • Negotiates with the Port on a cooperation agreement that involves all future development at the port of Oakland
  • The port is close to entering a contract with a developer, Centerpoint, and we are asking for a number of things (CURYJ) — Ban the Box– this would be the strongest ban the box policy in the nation (CURYJ was instrumental in pushing for this)–
  • PORT VICTORY: After political pressure, Port employers to release any directly related convictions (DRC’s) in advance to the hiring process to increase access for formerly incarcerated people looking for work.

Measure LL Police Commission

Vision: To end the incarceration of all young people in CA

Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) Prop 47 Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

CURYJ represents 1 of 6 formerly incarcerated people (19 in all)

Responsible for developing and rating RFP’s for 103 million dollars in funding

Formerly incarcerated people played a strong role in crafting the RFP’s

Invited by BSCC as only community member to speak on a panel at the national criminal justice forum in Long Beach


Prop 57

CURYJ were co-writers of Proposition 57 which ended direct file for youth in California and increased opportunities for parole for adults in prisons. CURYJ youth organizers were instrumental in getting the bill passed into law in 2017.


Bail Reform

CURYJ is part of the statewide coalition for Bail reform

We’ve been working on bail reform for the last couple years as part of the JRC


SB 1421

CURYJ was apart of the statewide coalition the won the publics right to access police records in 2018 as it relates to deadly and serious use of force, as well sexual assault, proven dishonesty, false reporting, and planting and destroying evidence.