Training & Technical Assistance


CURYJ provides training and technical assistance to non-profit and governmental agencies to support the expansion and implementation of indigenous and grassroots methodologies to addressing violence.

The following components of our ROOTS (Reclaiming Our Original Traditions and Stories) Training program are regularly shared with allies and other organizations:

  •  Youth Participatory Action Research

 Engaging young people in the generation of new knowledge about their own communities is critical to building grassroots movements that are rooted in the experiences of those who are oppressed. Developing data that addresses the needs of the community and speaks the language of government institutions is a powerful tool for the next generation to build.

  • Restorative Justice Circles

Engaging communities to address violence through indigenous healing practices. With the acknowledgement of our internalized oppression individuals begin to restore their perspective and begin to un-learn the harmful behavior that mainstream society perpetuates.

  • Positive Manhood Development

CURYJ teaches young men how to shed the learned negative behaviors associated with American masculinity and develop a new sense of manhood that is rooted in family, community and social justice.

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