April 22, 2015

La Cultura Cura Cultural Arts Cafe

La Cultura Cura Arts Cafe has closed for the winter and will re-open as an outdoor arts cafe at 1900 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland in late January 2017. We will continue to take orders for coffee by the bag. For questions or to purchase coffee please email tgarcia@curyj.org.

La Cultura Cura Cultural Arts Cafe is a social enterprise of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice that aims to employ and empower systems impacted youth and young adults. We will be reestablishing old Indigenous trade routes by purchasing organic coffee beans directly from our Mayan relatives in Chiapas. We plan to train and employ formerly incarcerated youth and young adults, and provide a community building space that proudly promotes cultural arts and activism. We envision a community space that contributes to the positive economic development of the Fruitvale district, that benefits the long term residents of Oakland, and responds to gentrification in a meaningful and thoughtful way. Our vision is to build a beautiful and inviting cafe, ice cream parlor, smoothie bar, bookstore, and performance space that will be a vibrant gathering space for our youth and the community.
Our coffee is 100% organic certified in both Mexico and the U.S. We drip brew our coffee by the cup to ensure a rich and extremely fresh tasting cup of coffee for each and every customer.
You can be part of this project by donating and helping us keep cafe off the ground!


IMG_9863 (2)Check out La Cultura Cura’s Facebook Page!

(Any donation you give CURYJ is tax deductible.)

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