April 22, 2015

Policy Advocacy

CURYJ were co-writers of Proposition 57 which ended direct file for youth in California and increased opportunities for parole for adults in prisons. CURYJ was instrumental in getting the bill passed into law in 2017.

CURYJ is a co-convener of the Alameda County Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, which builds the leadership of under-represented constituencies in the county’s realignment planning process and advancing community-based alternatives that expand opportunities for these constituencies in setting priorities for how realignment dollars are spent.

(Realignment legislation comes from Assembly Bill 109 and has decentralized decision-making about criminal justice spending from the state to the county level due to the human rights violations that stem from overcrowding within the California Department of Corrections.)

CURYJ works with the Bay Area Dignity in Schools Campaign to address institutional racism within various school districts that leads to the increased criminalization of youth of color and the school to prison pipeline.

CURYJ was a co-writer of Proposition 57 and instrumental in mobilizing community to pass the proposition which passed in 2017.