August 1, 2017

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Published Media

September 2018

California lawmakers continue shift from mass incarceration – Santa Cruz Sentinel

August 2018

Hundreds dead, no one charged: the uphill battle against Los Angeles police killings – The Guardian

Legislators Put Police Use-Of-Force Bill On Hold Until Next Year – Witness LA

Bills addressing police misconduct face decisive votes in California legislature – People’s World

Bid to open California’s secret police misconduct files takes major step forward – Los Angeles Times

Law Enforcement Pushes To Preserve California Use Of Force Standard – CBS

June 2018

Landmark California Bill Will Save Lives and Bring Accountability to Policing – Davis Vanguard

The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays 

May 2018

CBS Folsom Mama’s Day Radio Segment 

CBS Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo Radio Segment #2

CBS Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo Radio Segment #1

Youth Radio


April 2018

#MeToo: Helping Victims Cope With Sexual Harassment– Psychology Advisor

California’s fight against police violence – AXIOS

November 2017

‘Power of Good’ Podcast Episode 16:

October 2017

Nearly one third of Glenn Dyer prisoners wrap up hunger strike

July 2017

Sanctuary Cities Ain’t New: Learning From the Organizing Power of Oakland Youth

June 2017

Empowering Youth, Disrupting Cycles of Violence

May 2015

La Cultura Cura Cafe Opening Adds Flavor to San Antonio District

February 2015

East Oakland Block Party Interview with George Galvis of CURYJ

November 2014

Oakland Residents Celebrate The Indigenous Roots Of Restorative Justice

May 2014

CURYJ and the Pacific Institute Release a “Foto-Novella” to Lift Youth’s Stories of Justice, Safety, and Displacement

“Foto-Novella” Research Report Highlights Youth Voice to End Community Violence and Over-Criminalization of Black and Latino Youth

January 2014

Crime Victim Compensation Policies Leave Too Many Behind

September 2013

2013 The California Wellness peace award winner: George Galvis

July 2013

Transformative Love & Conditions of the Concrete: A Reflection on the Martin/Zimmerman Verdict

June 2013

Hood Reporters: Unlocking the Power of Photos to Engage Youth in Building Healthier Communities

May 2013

One Hundred Formerly Incarcerated Gather at State Capitol

Brave Experiment at a California Boys Ranch Pays Off

April 2013

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

January 2013

We don’t want Bratton here

February 2012

Occupy 4 Prisoners hits San Quentin

August 2012

Can a new crop of Oakland cops help build community trust?

June 2012

Youth push for “bill of rights” at the Capitol

The Fight Over Gang Injunctions

Students from across California Hold Student & Youth Bill of Rights Rally

July 2012

The capitalist roots of the school-to-prison pipeline

February 2012

Judge OKs Fruitvale Gang Injunction

EDITORIAL • Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline

September 2011

Today’s Love: Oaklanders Facing Gang Injunctions Paint Mural of Their Stories

August 2011

PDF co-sponsors Kingian Nonviolence Trainings

New outdoor mural in Fruitvale inspired by gang injunction defendants

July 2011

Oakland Mayor and Gang Policy Mix Uneasily

May 2011

Dallas : Research for Gang Injunctions to start being implemented in Dallas

Oakland to consider ending gang injunctions

March 2011

Do Gang Injunctions Work?

January 2011

Gang injunction opponents protest in anticipation of judge’s decision

Judge waits on conflict of interest decision in Fruitvale gang injunction

Opponents of gang injunction rally in front of Oakland City Hall

Quan Says Gang Injunctions Have Only Had ‘Mixed Results’

Is Realignment a Model for Reform?

June 2010

Gangs in Indian Country – Continuing the Conversation

October 2010

Demonstrators protest Oakland gang injunctions

December 2010

New Oakland-Based Organization to Promote Restorative Justice, Defend Human Rights


AB 915: Youth Community Incentives Act

Oakland Gang Injunctions: Gentrification or Public Safety?

OAKLAND: Heated debate over proposed crime-fighting plans continue