‘Dream Beyond Bars’ Youth Justice Town Hall

  • CURYJ 


Please join us to Dream Beyond Bars. We invite you to a community discussion to develop a vision to “Close Youth Prisons, Build Youth Leaders”.

Formerly incarcerated young adults from Alameda County have embarked on a community based participatory research project to develop strategies and solutions to build community capacity for alternatives to youth incarceration.

We know that every young person is a blessing. We also know that the research has empirically and consistently demonstrated that the more contact a youth has with systems the worst outcomes are for them. Investing in the leadership of young people will;

1. Provide significant cost savings of limited public resources compared to incarceration,

2. Improve public safety by addressing root causes

3. Improve outcomes for youth who would otherwise experience more harm and trauma if incarcerated.

To continue on the trajectory of criminalization, adultification, and mass incarceration as ineffective and harmful. Most recently, the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times drafted an editorial entitled, “Want a Better Juvenile Justice System? Keep Kids Out of it in the First Place.” 

We look forward to you joining us to build with our community to make Alameda County a national model for youth justice innovation.

When: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 6-8:30 p.m.


Where: 3233 Market Street, Oakland CA