CURYJ will Shut Down Business as Usual in Solidarity with International Workers Day!

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We stand in solidarity with communities and organizations calling for a general strike for International Workers Day. CURYJ believes Oakland should be a sanctuary city for all people who are vulnerable to criminalization, state violence and incarceration. We will shut down business as usual to join the strikers. We are not organizing but are participating and supporting the events listed below. We encourage all to attend and show support.
Message from Organizers: Communities are preparing for what is expected to be one of the largest mobilizations since the May 1st Mobilizations in 2006.We hope that you all will add to those numbers by joining in the General Strike and the many Activities that will take place that day.
  • Hold Sherrif Ahern Accountable to Making Sanctuary Real


  • Activities for children and Elders 9-6pm

  • General Rally, March and Closing Celebration

(more activities listed on attachment)

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Hope to see you in the streets!