Our physical doors may be closed to help protect each other from COVID-19 but our email, phones, and social media are open! We will continue to offer support to the young people we serve. We are reaching out to all of our folks who are on probation, incarcerated, and in the foster care system are informed, safe, have proper supplies, and are supported during any crisis that may arise. Once the COVID-19 crisis was evident we shifted our operations to virtual organizing and continued providing direct services. CURYJ was operational within hours of the statewide shelter-in-place order.

We are continuing to support the individuals and families we serve in our Participatory Defense program. They have a lot of questions about the status of the courts and their loved ones’ cases so our meetings are now virtual.

The shelter-in-place order means that we are taking care of one another during this time. Even if we feel fine ourselves, we are taking actions to protect our elders and those with underlying health problems. Most importantly we are slowing the spread of this disease so that hospital facilities are not overwhelmed. Please stay at home and only leave for essential activities and travel.

We Are Here For You – keep reading for important resources
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If you need support call or text your CURYJ contact or direct message us on our social media:


We will be updating this page and our social media accounts with updates: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Foster Care Youth

If you are or know a foster youth that is staying at a college dorm room that is going to be closed due to the Corona Virus, please email and they will assist.

School Food Programs

All schools in Oakland Unified School District are closed until April 3. For those under 18 years of age, there are schools open for you to get your breakfast and lunch and even bring additional food home for your family. The times and locations are changing quickly. For the most accurate information check the school district website. If your district is not in this list, just do a web search of your school district name, plus the words closure and food:

We know that some of the most vulnerable folks are incarcerated youth and adults in county jails, prisons, youth facilities, and immigration detention. We are working with our allies to engage and make demands of systems leaders and elected officials to ensure the safety of our folks.

We know that governments and corporations exploit Disaster Capitalism to consolidate wealth and power in ways that harm our communities. We are staying vigilant in this critical time for the needs of systems impacted young people and their families. We will be in touch with ways to get involved and support.

On behalf of the CURYJ family we are sending solidarity, love, and healing during these trying times. Remember to love and protect your elders and people with weakened immune systems by doing what you can to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19. Please don’t panic or consume false information. You can go directly to the California Department of Public Health website for accurate and current information. Here is a graphic from Vitalist International that speaks to our need to stay woke and stay organizing:

5 demands Vitalist Intl