April 22, 2015

Contact Us


Office Address:      2285 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606 (New location just next door from our old spot!)

Mailing Address:   490 Lake Park Avenue #16086, Oakland, CA 94610

Phone Number:     (510) 842-9365

Contact person:     Joan Benoit, HR & Operations Manager.

General E-mail:     jbenoit@curyj.org

  • Policy and Campaign Work: Miguel Quezada, mquezada@curyj.org
  • Funding, Sponsorship and Donations: Tamaya Garcia, tgarcia@curyj.org
  • Events, Booking and Media: Erin Talbert-Brust, etalbertbrust@curyj.org
  • Life Coaching, Warrior Circles and ABM: Mike Muscadine, mmuscadine@curyj.org
  • Homies 4 Justice: Jose Luis Pavon, jpavon@curyj.org
  • Participatory Defense: Marlene Sanchez, msanchez@curyj.org
  • Dream Beyond Bars Fellowship: Daniel Mendoza, dmendoza@curyj.org
  • Young Women Circles: Rosalina Santiago, rsantiago@curyj.org