Community Healing

body_commhealingThe ROOTS (Reclaiming Our Original Traditions and Stories) Training program is composed of a curriculum for Oakland youth that teaches the historical and contemporary manifestations of oppression through an ancestral and indigenous framework. These teachings facilitate the healing and personal transformation of Latino and Native American youth that are impacted by the criminal justice system.

Through the introduction and practice of traditional forms of healing, conflict resolution and communication, CURYJ youth gain leadership skills that transform them into restorative justice practitioners that are generating concrete community changes.

Through CURYJ our youth participants have led healing circles for members of the community who are impacted by violence and have provided mentorship and guidance to formerly incarcerated individuals who are re-entering their community.

At the foundation of ROOTS is the belief that “la cultura cura”. Exposure to our culture directly provides alternatives to the interpersonal and community violence that young people are exposed to growing up in Oakland.