April 22, 2015

Aztlan Beautification Movement (ABM)

391956_335465233224038_798820107_nCURYJ supports the Aztlan Beautification Movement, which was started by CURYJ staff after the implementation of the Fruitvale gang injunction. Over three murals have been organized to date with our partners at the Eastside Cultural Center to increase positive community art projects that bring youth together to learn Chicano and Indigenous histories and to tell stories about current struggles. More murals are in the works, and CURYJ plans on hosting block parties and other events when they are completed.

Additionally, CURYJ members helped establish the Fruitvale Community Garden alongside community members and the Stop the Injunctions Coalition. CURYJ believes that establishing more spaces for sustainable agriculture in Oakland will support increased self-determination and sufficiency in our communities. We also see these spaces as vital components to healing our young people who are impacted by violence, since they are sites where young people can reconnect with their culture and learn tangible skills for autonomy.