Aztlán Beautification Movement (ABM)




















391956_335465233224038_798820107_nThe Aztlán Beautification Movement (ABM) is an ongoing mural and arts project of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ).

Home-grown from the vision of two of our co-founders, Ruben Leal and Mike Muscadine, ABM was started after the implementation of the Fruitvale gang injunction in 2011. ABM brings together young artists and mentors to learn art techniques and Chicano and indigenous histories as well as tell stories about current struggles while using art as a form of healing and community empowerment.

Local young artists and visionaries with a desire to create murals and beautify their community are encouraged to inquire about ABM’s next project. Contact


The ABM program offers:

  • Artist mentorship and development
  • Exposure to different art mediums
  • Artistic license for young people from Oakland
  • Community building
  • Over five completed murals in Oakland

Program structure:

  • Mural locations established through relationships with local business owners
  • Youth participants envision mural design and implementation process
  • Art supplies provided by CURYJ
  • Involve community partners like Eastside Cultural Alliance to increase positive community art
  • Events/block parties hosted by muralists at project completion