At This Point

By Xochtil Larios

At this point we lived in a house, Mother and Father always got along with one another/

This situation was located in my lovely hometown where I was born and raised while another little sister on the way/

Slowly the years changed with my parents. You could see it when you wake up, my dad was never up and ready/

Trips were starting to be monthly not weekly, my mother wouldn’t be as happy/

The yelling increased you can probably hear it down the street I was always felt embarrassed no where to fleet/

“Pinche puto eres una mierda de hombre porque siempre me tienes que kitarme mi dinero (mothufker your a piece of shit why do you always have to take my money?!) my mother would yell/

My father started going out late at night and coming home drunk, not understanding if you come home drunk it’s funk/

Simple commands angered him. One day, the one action that changed my life was when my dad started hitting my mom a dangerous thang.

All my mom can say is “Xochtil y John llamen la policia y metesen en el cuarto! (Xochtil and John call the police and go inside the room!)

John was my older brother. The police came fast. It was a weird looking police with big yellow lettering stating F.B.I. on the white lady’s back.

That night the people took us when all I could see was my mom crying with flushed eyes.

I didn’t see my mother again for 5 months. The time passed slowly but hoped that my sister on the way was okay.

It’s true when they say you can be taken away from your parents.

My mom always been my father and my mother. Now with my two younger sisters nice and healthy. I don’t want them going through what me and my brother been through. I strongly learned and believed that what made me stronger now is what didn’t break my family then, through the bad events and through snake events.